Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about My Bespoke Wedding and the services we offer, however if you have any comments or questions about anything else, please contact us by phone on 020 3943 9993, by email at or via our contact page.

What is included within my wedding planner package?

My Bespoke Wedding package of £250 gives you 5 hours of professional and talented wedding planner time.  You’ll discuss what will make the day perfect for you, consider latest trends and inspirations, finesse your creativity and together you’ll….

  • develop your wedding theme and your planner will create a bespoke mood board
  • receive advice on the best suppliers,
  • get guidance on which venues will suit your wedding,
  • gain tips and tricks on how to save money
  • work through a budget tracker,
  • get unlimited access to online tools that help you in the planning, such as the number of glasses you’ll need for your reception
  • receive amazing support and direction along your wedding planning journey
What time of day will I be able to contact my wedding planner?

The thing we’ve found most appealing about the My Bespoke Wedding service is that it’s online/via telephone so is very flexible and can fit around even the most challenging of timetables.

How do I interact with My Bespoke Wedding Planner?

It is up to you and your consultant to diarise and co-ordinate telephone conversations etc. The main tool our planners use for communicating is Slack. This is a real time messaging and file sharing service that allows you to communicate and share directly with your planner.

Once you have confirmed your planner, they will send you an invitation to join after which you can start your planning.

Don’t feel you are limited to just messaging, you will be able to talk on the phone and there is an additional option of arranging a home visit Our Products

How can I explain style and design ideas to my planner?

You can upload photos to give your planner a really good impression of your style preferences. You can even send website links and videos of anything you’ve come across that inspires you.

Your planning will take you through a series of questions to help them gain a good understanding of your likes and dislikes.

How do you match me with a wedding planner?

Having a planner that has localised knowledge is key, especially when it comes to helping you save money. We’ll match you with a planner that not only has local knowledge, but also the best match based on your individual needs, style, preferences and lifestyle.

What information do I need to provide?

The more information you can provide in the beginning, the earlier our planners will be able to start working on the inspirational ideas,

We understand that topics such as guest numbers and budgets are very personal. However, our planners treat all information supplied in the strictest of confidence and these details can be key to the design process. To help we do have a check list that we supply which acts as a detail prompter

What is the most important piece of advice you can give?

Don’t panic!

Planning the biggest day of your adult life will feel daunting. However, our expert planners all love what they do and have helped brides and grooms through this process many, many times. We are the planning experts with tips and tricks that will help create your dream wedding!

Am I obliged to use any of My Bespoke Wedding’s recommended suppliers?

No, not at all.  Your wedding planner can share their knowledge/expertise and they can provide you with supplier options to consider but the decision on who you choose to use is entirely yours.

Can I extend the time I have with my wedding planner?

If you find you really enjoy the support of your wedding planner and want more time, that’s not a problem. You can buy additional credits and you can choose how you would like to spend the time. To find out more about additional consultancy time have a look at Our Products

Will I be able to meet my wedding planner face-to-face?

A face-to-face visit can be arranged with your wedding planner. There is an additional cost of £350.00 for the day which can be paid through the shopping facility

Will my wedding planner be available on my wedding day?

If you wish to have a wedding co-ordinator on the day of your wedding, this can be arranged for an additional cost of £350.00 for the day.  If your wedding planner is not available another member of the My Bespoke Wedding planning team will be available.

How do I know what consultancy time I have used up?

Your Planner will be keeping a time sheet and will keep you informed as to how much time is still available.

Protecting my data?

All files will be stored on the central My Bespoke Wedding server.

All files will be deleted at the end of your consultancy – we recommend you keep copies of all the information we send you.

My Bespoke Wedding are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers. Our policy can be found at the bottom of our website

We are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office

What happens if I feel that my chosen planner is not coming up with the right information and recommendations?

It is essential that you tell your planner immediately if you feel that things are not running smoothly. If, after speaking with them, you wish to change planner we will arrange an alternative and will make sure that all mood boards and inspirational ideas are transferred across.

How do I contact you if I am experiencing a problem?

Email our awesome office team who are brilliant at not only listening but working with you to resolve any problems or issues to make sure you get back into a happy place quickly and efficiently